Indonesia's Bombing Aftermath

8 December 2022 02:10

A day after a sucide bomber blew himself at Astana Anyar Police office in Bandung, Indonesia police have questioned at least 18 people including the bomber parents and public activities have retuned normal. A number of police personnel are guarding the area around the bomb site. Although police line is still place in around the crime scene but the street is now can be passed by public as usual.

Two people were killed the suicide bomber and a police officer while ten  others were injured including a civilian due to Yesterday's explosion. Aaccording to police the bomber carried three bombs but only managed to detonate one of them, two others were later disposed by police' bomb squad unit.

Boy Rafly Amar head of Indonesia's National Terrorism Mitigation Agency BNPT was inspected the bomb scene Thursday. During his inspection Boy warned police to escalate their security at all facilities considering police become one of terrorists main targets.

According to the official terrorists consider police as a threat that will disrupt them from achieving their terror purposes.

The suicide bomber who has died instantly at the scene was a terrorism recidivist who served four years of jail term for his involvement at cicendo bombing in West Java. According to police the bomber was released from the country's maximum security island prison on Nusa Kambangan Island in last year.