KSAL Yudo Margono Appointed as TNI Commander

3 December 2022 00:42

Indonesian house of representatives defense committee has approved the fit an proper test, of navy chief of staff admiral Yudo Margono, the president’s sole pick for the Indonesian armed forces (TNI) commander, Friday (2/12/1022)

The “fit and proper test” began with the verification of administrative requirements, followed by a 30 minutes presentation from the appointee and a Q&A session. The hearing was open for public, but some parts containing confidential topic such as country’s defense strategy, were held behind a closed door.

Yudo (67) has been assigned to at least 19 posts in eight different places since he graduated from the naval academy in 1988. President Joko Widodo said earlier that Yudo’s appointment is based more on the rotating leadership of the TNI. In the past nine years, the Indonesian military has been led by three army generals and one air chief marshal.