PPATK Clarifies Claim of IDR300 T Money Laundering at Finance Ministry

N/A • 16 March 2023 01:43

Earlier this week, The Indonesian coordinating Minister of Political Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD said, that Rp300 trillion of suspicious transactions in The Ministry of Finance, were potential acts of money laundering.

But now,  in a stunning turnaround, The Financial transaction reports and analysis center (PPATK) said that the Rp300 trillion had nothing to do with corruption or money laundering.

Walking hand in hand with The Minister of Finance, Indonesia's coordinating Minister of Political Legal and Security Affairs, Mahfud MD, shocked the nation last Saturday. When he said that money laundering worth Rp300 trillion, potentially took place at the Indonesia Ministry of Finance.

But now, in a stunning turn of events, The Head of The Financial Transaction Reports and Analysis Center, Ivan Yustiavanda, said that Rp300 trillion of suspicious transactions were not tied to corruption or money laundering.

Meanwhile, during the press conference held last Saturday, Indonesia's Finance Minister Sri Mulyani admitted that reports she received from The PPATK had no mention, of the Rp300 trillion, That minister Mahfud said potentially involved money laundering in The Finance Ministry.

Minister Mahfud MD, who is also head of the Indonesian Committee on Money Laundering, said he received 197 reports of suspicious transactions from 2009 to 2023, involving 467 Finance Ministry Employees, worth Rp300 trillion. According to Mahfud, since 2009, no action has been taken on those reports of suspicious transactions.

On the other hand, The Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani, said she received 266 reports of suspicious transactions, from 2007 to 2023, that involved 964 Finance Ministry Employees.

Sri Mulyani said, that action has already been taken, on all of those reports, including 126 audits and disciplinary actions against 352 employees.

But following the case of Rafael Alun, who was removed from his high ranking position at the tax directorate general office for tax evasion and suspicions of money laundering, perhaps only time and a more detailed investigation can truly reveal the truth behind the matter.

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(M. Khadafi)