Suicide Bomber Hits in Bandung Police Station, 2 Killed

7 December 2022 01:05

A man blew himself up Wednesday at a police station in Bandung West Java, Indonesia killing an officer and wounding seven others including a civilian.

Indonesian National Police confirmed that an officer was killed and seven others were injured in the bombing. Earlier an unidentified man entered the Astana Anyar Police Station with a motorcycle at around 8-20 AM during a morning roll call. The man then blew himself up as police were lining up for a morning assembly. 

Six were wounded and were rushed to a hospital together with a civilian who was in close proximity to the explosion and sustained a minor injury. Bandung metropolitan police chief Aswin Sipayung said the attack involve a lone bomber. 

A second explosion was heard around two hours later but police said it came from the bomb disposal unit which safely detonated an unexploded explosive found at the scene.

The police station and surrounding areas were sterilized as the investigation was underway. No party has claimed responsibility for the suicide attack or linked to it.

The last suicide bombings in Indonesia were carried out by those who affiliated with the Jemaah Ansharud Daulah an Indonesian terrorist group that is linked to the international terrorism network Islamic state.