Indonesia Set to Announce Bauxite Exports Ban

7 December 2022 02:15

Indonesia's President Joko Widodo affirmed he will announce an export ban on bauxite in the near future. During a cabinet meeting at the presidential palace, President Joko Widodo said that the export ban on bauxite is a crucial part of Indonesia's efforts, to further develop the country's downstreaming industry and increase the value of its minerals.

For example, processing raw bauxite into alumina can increase the commodity's value three point eight times higher while processing bauxite into aluminum can increase it four point one times higher. The Indonesian government has been persistent in claiming its right to ban the exports of its own mineral resources.

For example, the government is planning to file an appeal after losing a suit on its nickel exports ban. This ban has reportedly helped Indonesia develop its nickel downstreaming industry which has raised the value of the commodity by eighteenfold.