British Authorities Ban Government Employees from Using the TikTok App

N/A • 18 March 2023 02:33

British authorities said they are banning the Chinese owned video sharing App TikTok from government mobile phones on security grounds, following similar moves by the United States and European Union. Thurday (16/3/2023).

Cabinet Office Minister, Oliver Dowden, told parliament that the ban applies with immediate effect to work phones and other devices used by government ministers and civil servants. He described the ban as a precautionary move, and said, it does not apply to personal phones and devices.

In the meantime, Deputy Labour Leader Angela Rayner welcomed the ban, and however, she said the government was behind the curve.

Last month, the US government mandated that employees of federal agencies have to delete TikTok from all government-issued mobile devices. And the European Union, Belgium and others have also temporarily banned the app from employee phones.

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