US Views on Indonesia's G20 Presidency Success

7 December 2022 01:15

US ambassador to Indonesia and Timor Leste, Sung Yong Kim on Wednesday afternoon highlighted the success of G20 and Indonesia's G20 Presidency from US perspective and congratulated Indonesian government for its success.

Speaking in a press conference held by the US embassy in Jakarta the ambassador also addressed the achievements of the US-ndonesia strategic partnership including the launch of the just energy transition partnership (JETP).

He also affirmed US commitment to support Indonesia's upcoming 2023 chairmanship of ASEAN. The cooperation in trade and investment between the two countries are on the rise and there are tremendous opportunities for both sectors to grow.

The cooperation in defence sector is on progress with the implementation of military drill called super garuda shield and added that maritime security cooperation of both countries will increase.

The ambassador stated that US has a comprehensive strategic partnership with ASEAN and together with Indonesia, US shares the same concern about Myanmar and supports Indonesia's role in Myanmar's issues.

He also highlighted US campaign to promote democracy, human rights, diversity and tolerance to Indonesia and other countries particularly Myanmar given the difficult situation in the country.